Bombing, Part One

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I did really bad at The Loony Bin this Wednesday AKA I bombed

I butchered one joke completely: instead of saying “Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State. It’s sad that even in the pinko-liberal Obama administration the best job a woman can get is secretary,” I said, “It’s sad that even in the pinko-liberal Obama administration the best job a woman get is secretary of state,” excising the punchline from a living joke with the precision of a master surgeon performing a humordectomy.

It’s absolutely terrifying to hear the audience just sit there after you say something that was supposed to elicit laughter, but at least the reason for  this particular stonewall was that I had just made a bizarre, non-comedic statement, and not that they just weren’t grooving it.

The worst part was that I had made the Clinton joke as a fall-back because my other stuff wasn’t going so well. That’s irony for you.

Anyway, the headline that night was a guy named Paul Hooper, and he was absolutely hilarious. He had this kind of rapid-fire delivery and he began his routine by talking about his anxiety disorders and his plan to culminate his routine with a “full blown panic attack,” which, as a nervous personality myself, I loved.

Additionally, he really did a great job of engaging the crowd, responding to people who laughed extra loud and complimenting their intelligence and the such. He really had the audience on his side. I could really learn from that and from just the absolute intensity of his routine. Highly recommended.

After the show he said that he liked my material, and that I had a unique delivery, which is either an excellent complement or a tricky way to say that I suck originally. But either way, check out his stuff online here.

I called the post “Bombing, Part One” not because I plan on writing a follow-up about that particular bomb, but because I will almost certainly bomb several more times in the future. I’ll talk about those when they happen.


Written by Greg Karber

May 15, 2009 at 11:42 pm

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