World’s Largest Cupcake Disappoints

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When I heard that someone had baked the world’s largest cupcake in the Mall of America. I imagined an enormous creation, lumbering over the patrons, scaring children, looking like it could come alive at any moment and start devouring human beings, like an enormous ironic monster.

But no, the “world’s largest cupcake” is like a foot tall and two feet wide. Assuming a basic cylindrical shape for the sake of mathematical simplicity, that’s a cylinder with a radius of one foot and a height of one foot.

Volume of a Cylinder: r2πh

And since the radius and the height are both 1, and 12 is 1, the entire volume of the cupcake is π. So that’s like a 3.14 square foot cupcake, which really isn’t even that epic. Considering it’s 150 pounds, that’s like 50 pounds per square foot, which seems to suggest this is a pretty dense cupcake, but nothing worthy of going crazy over.

I mean, there have been cakes larger than this. This is one of those dubious distinctions, like “world’s largest hill,” which accurately translates into “world’s largest mound of dirt too small to be a mountain.” It’s more of a clerical distinction than anything else.


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  1. […] full of gold (1,204.8 pounds per cubic foot), but you could ship a 0.316 cubic foot section of the world’s largest cupcake (47.74 pounds per cubic foot, assuming that it’s a perfect cylinder, which it’s […]

  2. […] Hopefully, someone will honor it by giving me the world’s largest cupcake. […]

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