Judah Friedlander Show Cancelled

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Well, my scheduled appearance at the University of Arkansas on November 21st, opening before 30 Rock‘s Judah Friedlander, has been cancelled or postponed. (Personally, I’m really hoping for postponed.) I’d really been looking forward to it, so as you can imagine I’m pretty bummed out. Not only was meeting Judah Friedlander going to (presumably) be awesome, and not only was I going to get to perform to the amazing audiences at the University of Arkansas, but I was going to get to do 30 minutes, which would have been a great learning experience.

Apparently, 30 Rock made some changes to their shooting schedule, necessitating Friedlander cancelling his performance at the U of A (and possibly others–I’m not quite sure). So I’m torn: 30 Rock is my favorite show (and Thursday’s episode, “The Problem Solvers,” was as good as any), and yet now I am compelled to hate it.

Hopefully, we’ll reschedule soon. I want to try out for a religious comedy called Incorruptible this Spring at the Columbia Entertainment Company, but if we haven’t rescheduled by then, I think I’ll hold off. I would hate for there to be a conflict that would cause me to miss such an awesome opportunity.

Anyway, the main reason I wanted to post is that I’d written some good Thanksgiving material that I’m now not going to be able to use, so I thought I would put it up here.

Me: “I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving, but only because it marks the halfway point between the awesome Halloween and the incredibly awesome Thanksgiving. I feel a little unpatriotic dissing on Turkey Day, on account of it and the Fourth of July are really the two ‘American’ holidays. And, of course, we celebrate them in typical American fashion: Thanksgiving by eating and Fourth of July by blowing shit up.”

Me, continued: “Thanksgiving is the generic holiday. You stuff yourselves, and we Americans don’t need a national holiday to tell us to stuff ourselves. That’s what Hardee’s advertisements are for. Come on, you eat at every holiday. Halloween has candy, but you also have costumes and legally being allowed to scare children. Christmas has a feast, but it also has the reason for the season–presents. Thanksgiving is like the car that you get for the price in the advertisements: sure it runs, but there’s no anti-lock brakes, power steering, and by runs I mean you and your friends have to physically run to power it, like they do in The Flintstones.

I was still working out how to deliver that last line, but I think I would have figured it out by next Saturday. Ah, no matter: I came up with a cool idea today for a long-form blog project that’s sort of a re-imagining of something I wanted to try over the summer. I’ll be debuting it here in the next week or so. So I’ve got that to think about now!


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