Various Pizza Cartoons

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One of the posts that consistently brings me hits via Google is my list of Less Famous Time Travel Paradoxes, not because it’s hilarious and insightful, but because I stole a cartoon of a slice of pizza and used it to accompany the article.

This is the slice of pizza in question:

This picture has sent more Googlers my way than dozens of insightful and hilarious posts.

Ever since I posted this guy, I’ve received a steady stream of hits from Googlers using Google Images, where my website is in the top row of results for the term “pizza cartoon.”

Now, make no mistake. I’m not complaining. Quite the contrary: I’m just setting the scene so the Faithful will understand why I’m about to post a collection of hilarious pizza cartoons I found online so that future Googlers can consider this site their one stop shop for all their pizza cartoon needs.

Okay, judging by the TM next to the pizza-slice-man’s foot, I’m guessing some of these images are owned by someone else. So, if you own one of these lovely pizza pictures, and you want me to take it off my website, just send me an email and I’ll comply.

But, I think you should know, there’s about a million other websites using these exact same pictures, especially of that pizza slice guy, who’s got to be one of the most popular stolen items on the Internet that isn’t an MP3 of “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

Man, that’s an old reference. Maybe I’ll think of something funnier later and change it. I’ll probably get rid of this paragraph, too, and not say anything about it, either.


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