10 Super Easy Ways to Dramatically Increase your Twitter Followers, Part Deux

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When I first gave you the inside scoop on how to become one of Twitter’s movers and shakers, I left off at number five with the promise to continue the list soon.

I broke that promise. So, here I am, eight months later (in Twitter Time, the equivalent of about thirty years), giving you the second part of my guide to becoming The Lord of the Tweets.

5. @Mention Everyone.

Used to, they were called @replies and you were supposed to use them to respond to people’s tweets. Now, they’re just a way to notify a bunch of people that they should be reading what you have to say, damnit!

6. Be a Fan of Lady Gaga and Kanye West.

Lady Gaga is almost always a trending topic. If she’s not currently, she will be in ten minutes (about three hours in Twitter Time).

Also, you should never go more than a day or two without mentioning Kanye West and hash-tagging your tweet #Yeezy. This will make you seem very hip and with it, even if you’re over the hill and white.

7. Follow Everyone, Wait a Week, Unfollow all of Them.

Everybody wants tens of thousands of followers, but nobody wants to be that guy that follows tens of thousands of people. For one, it’ll take hours for you just to read all those tweets, and for two, most of those people are going to be way uninteresting.

So here’s where the psychological manipulation comes in. Follow as many people as you can, especially people who are fans of Lady Gaga or Kanye West (See Tip #6), and then @mention all of them that you followed them (See Tip #5).

Then, wait a week. (About six-and-a-half months in Twitter Time.)

Now, when everybody’s forgotten about you, unfollow them all. Now, you’ll have a ton of followers but won’t be following anyone, which will make you look like a celebrity instead of an internet marketing SEO SEM FBM

8. Copy what Other People are Tweeting But Don’t Give Them Credit.

Classic expert strategy. Find out what a popular thing to retweet is, and instead of crediting the people who posted it previously, tweet is like you found it yourself. Better yet, claim that you made it! The fact of the matter is, Tweeters are not big on fact checking, which brings me to Tip #9.

9. Pretend a Celebrity Died.

Celebrity deaths are a big thing, and yet CNN sometimes waits minutes after a celebrity death to report it on the news. But on Twitter, you have none of their constraints: you don’t have to wait to come back from commercial, you don’t have to cut together a video retrospective of their life’s work, you don’t even have to make sure that it’s true!

All you have to post is “RIP CelebrityNameHere.” Just make sure you don’t use a celebrity so famous that people will think twice before retweeting (like, for example, Kanye West or Lady Gaga). Jeff Goldblum would be perfect.

10. Tweet Interesting Things.

This is actually the least important part of becoming an internet personality and should only be utilized as a last resort.


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  1. Do you guys think that she would do well in this year ?

    Bradly Takeshita

    March 20, 2010 at 9:46 am

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