Ice Dancing, Part Two

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After I posted my question about whether any ice dancing pair has ever not slept with each other, a few people pointed out Will Ferrel and Jon Heder in Blades of Glory.

Now, first of all, for the record, they aren’t ice dancers. They are ice skaters, and they participate in the pairs ice-skating event, which is different for a few reasons.

According to Wikipedia, ice dancing is “a form of figure skating which draws from the world of ballroom dancing.” It has different requirements for lifts, requires spins to be performed as a team in a dance hold, and disallows throwing and jumping.

Now, you might think that they took all the Awesome out of ice skating, but what is left is a sport that should more aptly be called Doing It On Ice. (As can be seen in the video I previously linked of the 1998 Nagano champions.)

Secondly, I’m not so sure what people mean by this objection. Do they mean that the characters these two actors portrayed, Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy, never slept with each other? Because that’s doubtful. Watch this deleted scene of them singing a duet and tell me they aren’t about to duet, if you catch my drift:

And if that doesn’t convince you, this fan-made video of scenes from Blades of Glory set to the music of Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” (originally from the greatest movie of all time, Armageddon), should succeed where it failed:

Now, I would be a failure if I didn’t link you to this original song from Blades of Glory by American Idol also-ran, Bo Bice.

If you want to cut right to the guitar solo, click here.

Thirdly, if people were actually referring to Heder and Ferrel themselves, then first of all, I’m not sure if that counts since they’re just actors, and second of all, I’m not so sure they didn’t. I mean, if you watch their duet earlier, you’ll see that their chemistry is more than just 101.

[Hat tip to KP for the idea.]


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  1. Watching these clips, and a few more from YouTube, reminded me that–surprisingly–Blades of Glory is actually a pretty good movie.

    I know, I know. The movie police are going to crucify me.

    Greg Karber

    February 19, 2010 at 1:18 pm

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