Genghis Khan and Me

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Sometimes, when I perform stand-up comedy, I get incredibly nervous.

But you know who else got performance anxiety? Genghis Khan.

That’s right, the notorious pillager, raper, and all-around warlord would get incredibly worked up before a big battle. He’d have butterflies in his stomach. He would pace. Sometimes he would forget his material (AKA his armor) or flub his punchlines (the areas around him where he could easily swing his fist).

So, whenever I get nervous, I just think: Genghis Khan felt this, too. And I get on my elephant, and I ride over the Alps of a Difficult Nightclub Audience. Metaphorically, of course.

EDIT: It occurs to me that it was Hannibal, not Khan, who notoriously rode over the Alps. So I guess I’m fucked.


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